Top 5 Self-Care Products You’ll Love!

Top 5 Self-Care Products You’ll Love!

We take great pride in the fact that each and every product is tested & sampled. We want you to love each and every item as much as we do! And for your gifts to be filled with items that leave a positive lasting experience. I share my 5 favorite go-to bath & body products that make great purchases for yourself or for any gift.

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How Do You Thank Your Clients?

Client gifts don't need to be overwhelming

How do you thank your clients for investing in you? Trusting you? Recommending you? Choosing to work with you project after project, year after year and as I'm typing this out, I'm hoping your answer isn't, I don't... Clients, customers they are all the same. They are the reason you get to do what you do and hopefully love. They are the reason you can pay those bills and employ a team behind you. They are the heartbeat of your company and they should be thanked properly. 

You need to acknowledge that your client base has options to work with anyone else, but they chose YOU!

This can be over-looked from the day to day grind. The truth is, our client list has the ability to take their business and money elsewhere. But they have chosen to work with YOU and that is the greatest compliment! I receive emails daily regarding client gifts and asking if I "think they are necessary." YES, YES, YES! The answer will always be YES! Now, before I lose you, this doesn't mean you need to spend an exuberant amount of money or have something that is over-the-top fancy. A well thought-out, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing gift will deliver an even better impact than a gift that is mismatched or doesn't align with your business values. Client gifts are not just a way of letting your client base know how much they mean to you but it's an opportunity to reintroduce them to your brand and what it stands for. 

client gifts

I've worked with all different types of businesses and organizations, designing the perfect compliment to their brand and the feed-back is always parallel with one another. Upon receipt of their gift, the client is reminded why they have chosen you. Simply, because your attention to detail and customer service are the finest they have ever received. Whether you want to send a special gift during the Holiday season or at different intervals through-out the relationship, there is no wrong time to gift your clientele.  

client gifts

When you work with That's Darlin' we will dig into the core values of your brand to create a unique experience for your clients. To get started on your very own custom gift experience for client or corporate gifting, visit our Custom Gift Shop. 

Photo by Love and Light Photographs 

You too can have access to your very own Gifting Concierge

It's true! Yes, even you will now have access to your very own gifting concierge! So your probably thinking, Hmmm sounds pretty cool, but what is it? Well let me break it down for you. 

gifts to celebrate all occasions

But first, here's a little background - In case you don't know, that's me, Malissa Smith. The creator and heart behind the brand That's Darlin'. I started this company 4 years ago from a conversation that took place while sitting in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Hotel. Sidenote - I'm a huge Disney super-fan. Love everything about their philosophy, customer service, the feeling that fills your spirit the second you step foot onto property, but most importantly the *magic.* You will from time to time hear me refer to incorporating the "Disney Mentality" into my day to day business, and I truly do. Ok, back to my story... That very conversation 4 years ago had me writing out the details on a cocktail napkin while on our flight back home. I had this idea, where gifting could actually be a business. But there was so much more to what I was thinking. I was envisioning it being more of an experience for my clients and not just a service. My natural thought process was to start within the wedding industry, knowing that it needed someone (like myself) who could design custom Welcome Gifts. Gifts that actually reflected the Bride and Groom, their love story told in the form of carefully curated items that together would aesthetically look beautiful and offer an experience for their guests. So that's where I started and Welcome Gifts were a success. My clients loved the personal attention they received throughout our process and how their gifts made their guests feel loved and appreciated. Over the course of 4 years, I would receive requests for what I refer to as 'One Time' gifts, such as Birthday, Thank-You, Housewarming etc. etc. Unfortunately, working out of my home made it very hard for me to secure wholesale purchasing power with most companies. And I found myself turning down work on a daily basis. I continued to work my business but to only take on projects such as Corporate, Client and Wedding Welcome Gifts. 

wedding welcome gifts

Fast forward to March 14th, 2018, when I gave birth to our son Maverick Michael Smith. During this time, I purposely only booked a very small number Spring clients knowing very well I would be adjusting to being a new mom and enjoying every second with our baby boy. Shortly after Mavericks birth, I approached my husband about shutting down my business - for good. I was probably over-tired and hormonal at this point but it was something that was on my mind for weeks. My husband was taken back by my conversation, but I explained to him that this business has been 4 years in the making and I felt it was now at the point I either grew it to its potential or shut it down. I no longer wanted to waiver between feeling successful and feeling like a failure. My husband asked me what 'growing the business' looked like. My answer, I need a retail space. I need a place where I can meet with clients. I need room to grow. I need a commercial address so I can purchase wholesale. I needed all of those things so I can expand the business beyond Welcome Gifts and offer (what I'm now calling) a Gifting Concierge service and all the while offering a beautiful space for my customers to shop. It was 2 weeks after that conversation that this new mama to a 3 month old stumbled upon the most perfect little cottage while on one of our walks. And is now home to the most Darlin' little gift shop you've ever seen! 

IMG_3364 (1).jpg

All you need is faith, trust & a little pixie dust 

So here's what you need to know. That's Darlin' can now offer a service called Gifting Concierge. What does this mean? Let's say you are in need of a housewarming gift for your friends that just closed on their first home and a gift for your girlfriend that just gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy. Now, normally you would try to find the time to run around after work collecting items from different stores and racking your brain on how to make this the perfect gift for them. Or, you are so tired between work and family and everything in between you opt for the impersonal gift-card that may or may not get lost, re-gifted or never used. This is where our services come into the picture and make your life a little simpler! We have streamlined our process to make gift giving as easy as possible. First, you will select a budget from our Custom Gift Shop. You will then be prompted to answer a few short questions regarding the occasion and whom we are designing for. THAT.IS.IT! You are done, cross it off your list. Within a few days, your thoughtful housewarming gift will be shipped off to the Smith's new residence and the most darling baby gift will be headed out the door to that sweet baby boy. 

housewarming gifts

And it gets better - 

For those of you that are completely visual when making a purchase, we will have our predesigned gift collection available in the next few weeks. The collection will offer gifts ranging from New Baby, Thank-You, Birthday, Thinking of You, Just Engaged, Wedding and yes even Gifts for Him to just name a few. The truth is, we can design a gift for any occasion and celebration! It is our hopes between our Gifting Concierge Shop and the predesigned Gift Collection we will be meeting all your gifting needs. This journey has been 4 years in the making and to finally be able to write it out and hit publish on this post just signifies that I am one step closer to reaching some really great achievements in business and life. I'm so thankful for your support and helping this business that started out on a cocktail napkin grow to where it is today. 

Photographs in this post taken by Love & Light Photographs and Malissa Smith