Top 5 Self-Care Products You’ll Love!

So you need to buy a gift?

You’ve come to the right place! Around here, I’m kinda known as the ‘Gifting Concierge’ - taking care of all your gifting needs, leaving you looking like that super thoughtful friend who always sends the Best Gifts Ever! Before we get into the good stuff,there is an important fact I would like to share regarding TDG’s business model, which is - We test and sample every single item that we sell. It’s important to me, that the item(s) we are choosing to be a part of your gift design is one that will be enjoyed & loved by the gift recipient. And as each gift makes it way to it’s final destination, we feel confident in our selections because of the fact that we took the extra time to sample each item. I have in the past purchased items that I ended up returning to the company. If it doesn’t meet all my criteria, then it’s just not good enough for you or your gifts!

With all that said, it’s my hopes that I gain your trust in product selection, so you can purchase with ease.

Now, let’s talk Self-Care

Self-care items can really add value to a gift experience or the opposite and leave the recipient feeling under-whelmed. Which is why it’s so important that we test all these really cool products before you find them gracing our shelves. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or for someone else, these are my favorite items to include or suggest. Here are my go-to, top 5 picks!

5. I definitely do not take as many bath’s as I would like. So when I do manage to squeak one in every few weeks, I make sure that it’s an enjoyable experience, a time for me to truly unwind. Lavender is one of my favorite scents. It’s my go-to fragrance that calms my mind and signals me it’s time to let go. I have tried them all when it comes to bath salts and my favorites are Elizabeth W. They produce locally sourced, small batch Lavender Bath Salts, that comes packaged in the cutest muslin drawstring bag. Whenever I use them in my bath, it puts me right into that meditative state, one that leaves me feeling like I’ve had the best cat nap ever!

4. As much as I adore bath time (when I can get it), showers are normally what I opt for. However, there is no reason why you can’t make your shower as enjoyable as a bath. For me, showers are 15 minutes of pure bliss & uninterrupted daydreaming. Shower tablets are a way to add a spa-like experience to aide in your daydreaming, or mental list making, or even singing your favorite songs. When I first ordered Eucalyptus Mint Shower Tablets, I was not ready for how good they were gonna be. Yes, my expectations were pretty high, but the added in-shower aromatherapy experience was over-the-top. And for those days where you are really feeling those allergies, these Shower Tablets are a MUST.

5 top self-care products you need

3. Love & Roses - What Is It? An intoxicating, magic-making blend of natural anti-aging beautifiers, essential oils, sacred flower essences to soften skin and hair. When a company list ‘Unconditional Love’ as the first ingredient, you know it’s going to be good. This small batch company produces a few other of my favorite products but this go-to all over beauty mist is the best. You will find this mist in almost every room of my home. The delicate Rose fragrance is uplifting & light. Instructions on usage are as follows: The Ritual: Anoint and acknowledge your true worth by misting on face, body, and hair, reciting aloud "I am divine" when each spritz hits your skin. Because, darling, you are. (How awesome is that?!)

2. Now I love me some crystals. So naturally when I came across crystal infused face mist, I had to try it. And it was EVERYTHING & more! The mist is filled with tiny pieces of aquamarine crystals. Designed to soothe and revitalize skin by delivering a fine mist of pure hydration, enhanced with spirulina to soften, smooth and plump tired skin. Aquamarine Crystal Mist is hypnotic yet clean and warm, and may be enjoyed by all skin types. Mist onto face, body and even hair for a blissful, whisper soft cloud-like scent.

1.I absolutely saved the BEST for last. I hope you stayed with me long enough to get the scoop on my favorite bath & body product currently in my shop. Let me introduce you to Butter All Over. This churned body cream can be described as heavenly whipped fluffy light all over body goodness. It’s not greasy, it’s not heavy & the fragrance is not over-powering. In my opinion, it’s perfection. Made for body, feet, hair and nails, it’s a quick-absorbing butter cream with coconut, avocado and passion-fruit oils that leaves skin and hair nourished, protected and oh so soft, and is scented with essential oils of lemon and sweet orange. If you treat yourself to one new product this season, this is it!

5 top self-care products you need

I’ve been told that when you walk into my shop you feel at ‘Home’ and when I design a gift you can feel it was with intention and love. The items I chose to share with you, either as the client or the gift recipient is a task I take very seriously. It is the heart behind my business. I’ve always said, this is more than a business, this is an experience. And it’s more than a gift, it’s a story told with the items included within the gift. One that I hope you will remember and share with other’s.

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