How to Create Your Own Wedding Welcome Gifts

Wedding Welcome Gifts

Welcome gifts are actually how TDG started! A few years ago, when writing out my business plan, welcome gifts were the heart behind the idea of That’s Darlin’ gifting. I’ve had the opportunity over the course of the last 5 years to work with the most amazing couples, along with some lovely wedding and event planners. My favorite part about designing welcome gifts is reading through our questionnaire we send out to each custom design client and learning about their story. This is when the creation of their welcome gift actually starts. I read through all the answers and right away visions of how these gifts are going to look and what items to include would almost immediately begin to fill my mind. For as many questionnaires I have read over the years, I adore how no 2 were ever the same. Each one telling it’s own love story, how it all began.

Photo by Love & Light Photographs

Photo by Love & Light Photographs

Welcome Gifts are the first impression of what’s to come.

Welcome gifts will set the tone for the weekend, while extending a personalized thank you to each guest. By this point, your probably sold on the idea, but wondering what to include? Here’s a few tips to help you get that creativity spark flowing and designing your very own welcome gifts!

  • Is there a story behind where you met one another. Did you go to the same college? Work in the same office? Eat at the same restaurant? If there is a special something behind your love story, try to incorporate it into your gifts. This could be anything from cookies designed with your college mascot, match books from the restaurant where you met or an item to resemble another point of interest. This item should represent how or where it all started.

  • I always like to include something edible. This is an opportunity to share with friends and family your most favorite snack type items. Does he love salty and you love sweet? Do a play on salty and sweet snacks. Let them know whose favorites they are by labeling each one with - Malissa’s Favorite (obviously please use your own name!)

  • The ‘Hang-Over’ kit or what we at That’s Darlin’ like to refer to as the ‘Good Morning’ kit are always a welcomed addition to your gifts. You have so many choices when it comes to items that a guest will find useful and helpful the next day. A few of our go-to’s are Advil, eye-drops, mints, essential oil towelettes & a Vitamin C packet. Get creative with this, the choices really are extensive!

hangover kits designed by That's Darlin'
  • Is your wedding being held in a destination location or a town where exploring may be an option? For those that are not from the area, it’s a nice touch to include a map of the area, highlighting some points of interests. Is the restaurant where you 2 met close by? Include directions on how to get there and maybe suggest what table they request to sit at! Custom welcome itineraries will add to the personal experience you are offering with your welcome gifts.

  • After you have all your items that will be included in your welcome gifts, it’s now time to pick out the packaging. You can go with a classic white gift box or maybe a personalized tote bag. If you have items that are fragile or may bend easily, I would suggest using a gift box, as it will offer more security. If you are including a welcome letter, you will need to decide if it will be tucked away on the inside of the bag or gift box or displayed on the outside. This is important as you will need to make sure the welcome letters dimensions and the gift box dimensions are in sync. You can check out Nashville Wraps for a wide variety in gift box selection as well as tote bags.

  • I hope these tips help to get you started designing your own custom welcome gifts. They are such a thoughtful gesture, one that will be cherished by your friends and family. And if you find that your to-do list is longer than you can handle, instead of crossing off the welcome gifts, reach out and let That’s Darlin’ take it off your plate. We love the Brides & Grooms that want to do it all, but if you find yourself overwhelmed with all the things… We are here for you! We want to get to know you and your significant other, learn what makes your love story unique and create some beautifully memorable welcome gifts on your behalf!