That's Darlin' Custom Client Gifts


There’s nothing quite like the experience of receiving a gift that’s been thoughtfully and personally selected just for you. The perfect bow, the gift box filled with items that tell a story, the way it delivers a feeling of appreciation and love. I whole-heartedly believe in the importance and goodness of the gifting process. This is more than just pretty products in a box, it is an experience. 

Giving someone a gift should always be a personal and enjoyable experience. It is my sincere hope that each and every recipient feels the love and thought that was placed into their gift. This is my true intent, my mission. And the reason why That’s Darlin’ was created!  

Whether I'm creating a custom design, or choosing from the carefully curated collection which can be found in our Shop, I work with each customer to ensure their one-of-kind story shines through in each gift they give.

Are you planning your wedding? Then That’s Darlin’ wants to hear all about your love story and what makes the two of you the unique couple you are. What are all the details involved in your event? Colors, location, time of year, all of these factors will be used in crafting your unique welcome gift. 

Are you a company or creative entrepreneur hosting a workshop or retreat? Then I want to know all about the inspiration behind your business, brand, or craft. Who is attending your event? What types of skills or topics will your guests be learning? You know workshop attendee's always anticipate the fabulous swag bag their going to receive, let's create something they will cherish! 

Are you an entrepreneur looking for custom client gifts? I will get to know the heart behind your brand through. This will ensure that your gifts are a direct reflection of what you are offering your clients, We will work together to deliver a message filled with intention and heart.  

I am excited to get to know you, and what your gifting needs may be. I am committed to making sure your guests, business associates, family, friends and clients are delighted by the meaningful and personal gifts they receive. 

Visit our Services page to learn more about what we offer and how you can work with us. 



It all started with the perfectly tied bow. Once I discovered my love for details, gifting fell right into place. Looking back, I can now see that it was never about the products or the money spent but how my gifts made the person feel. Quickly I became "that friend", the one that always gave the most thoughtful gifts. After working in the wedding industry as the Director of Events at my families business, I became inspired to start a company that would help the overwhelmed bride in the area I noticed went most over-looked, the welcome gifts! The direction of the company took on it's own path when we started getting more and more inquiries for one time gifts, such as birthday, hostess, thank you and new mom and baby! 

Launching a gifting company was a natural fit. I not only love giving gifts, but the entire gift-giving process — from personalizing the gift selection to styling the way each item is packaged and presented. I want to offer you an experience, one where your gifts tell a story and carry an emotional connection. And in the end, I promise you will be asking me to add another gift, just for yourself... 


Thats Darlin Custom Gifting Owner Malissa